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“If you want a modern brand, the leaders of tomorrow, more and more, realize that having a strong head and a big heart is where you need to be.”

-Peter McGuiness, CMO, Chobani Yogurt

“Kelley Black helps take you to the Fourth Dimension.”

-Jeffrey Benton, CEO, Link Strategy Group

“Kelley makes everyone in an audience feel that she’s talking to them one-on-one — electrifying.”

-Christopher Meyer, Founder, Nerve

“Kelley is connected to bigger things beyond just the P+L.”

-Kristy Caylor, Founder, Maiyet and For Days

“I am mesmerized by her ability to unleash people’s potential. She uses data and has an ease that helps people take risks.”

-Maria Elena Del Valle, Organizational Change Consultant, PHI

The breath walking saved me in all my craziness this weekend. Thank you for teaching me. You help keep me sane.”

– Ally Lipton, Principal AVEnue, Corporate Event Planning/Catering

“The teachings are useful for dealing with stressful/tense situations and can also be applied to managing groups.”

– Sharon Mason

“I have been working with Kelley Black for over three years and got to admire her unique and effective blend of physical exercise, breathing and relaxation techniques. Kelley’s deep expertise in the core integration philosophy of Pilates, the physical and meditative discipline of Yoga (mystical Kundalini and the formidable Naam Yoga), as well as her intuitive approach to finding your inner and outer balance, have worked wonders in terms of my physical, emotional and spiritual health. Kelley does understand what stress can do to your body, mind and soul. Her experience and her dedicated approach to helping her clients find the balance they need, make her services effective, unique and valuable.”

– Michaela Trnka, MD, Executive, Pfizer Inc.

“There have been times that I have fallen off [the program] and skipped my NAAM Meditation exercises. Sure enough, about a week later, I start waking up at night. When I get back on track, I start sleeping through the night again. It’s magical.”

– Karen Skurka, Senior Vice President of Prudential Douglas Elliman

“As a 47 year-old executive in the financial services industry, I was drawn to Kelley’s highly customized techniques. A lifetime of jogging, fencing and cross-training with a personal trainer at a gym did not compensate for substantial time spent looking at computer screens and trading terminals during working hours. As a result, my hips and lower back had lost most of their original flexibility and core strength. Within a few weeks of working with Kelley I noticed significant improvements. My back and hips became more flexible, my core strengthened and my posture improved during jogging and even during routine daily activities. More importantly, I felt energized and focused after each exercise session. Kelley Black is remarkable in that she brings her high level of personal energy and her in-depth appreciation of one’s unique strengths and weaknesses to each client relationship. To me, the sessions with Kelley became a key component to my overall well-being.”

– Christopher Arts, Investment Banker

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