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To: Kelley Black
From: Jean Minkel, PT Senior Vice President, Independence Care System
Re: Testimonial of our work together

In sports or in the arts, it is completely natural for a coach to indicate areas where a performance can be improved, and provide assistance to the athlete or the performer to achieve the needed changes. In our professional lives, to get the most out of a coaching experience, one needs to be open to listening to feedback about our individual performance; and to be willing to work to improve one’s individual performance, so as to contribute positively to the performance of a team and ultimately of an organization.

Kelley affirmed the left side of my brain, governing logistics, process mapping and linear thinking, is working just fine. The right side was a different story! Stretching the right side included being open to creativity – my own and, more importantly, the creativity of others with whom I worked; meeting people where they are, in their own professional development; and being open to alternative methodologies for getting things done. Through insightful questions and supportive exploration, Kelley provided guidance to assist me in recognizing when my comfort zone response, may not in the long run be the most effective response. Kelley was the first to celebrate successes, no matter how small, to reinforce improved performance. I just love celebrating successes.

Specific and important activities included “defining success”. What will success look like in a real time frame. What will success look like in 6 months? What will need to happen in the next 2 weeks to move toward that definition of success? In depth discussions around these questions have been invaluable in defining the barriers of success which were in my own control and which barriers required a real commitment to collaboration and interdependency to actually achieve the level of success I am defining for myself, my team and to contribute effectively to the organization as a whole.

My work with Kelley has been invaluable. Our work together began the essential growth experience I needed to guide a group of people through a period of organizational growth which has resulted in doubling our size in both staffing and the people we serve. I have grown tremendously as a woman leader in a very dynamic organization, thanks in very large part to my terrific coach – Kelley Black!

Friday, July 25, 2008
(sent via email to Mark Powers, President, Atticus,


After your lecture to the Boutique Lawyers’ Group in NYC, I have become a big fan of yours. You preach reduction of stress through a method unknown to most attorneys. Your funny comparison to beating the dead horse and why change is necessary was most compelling to me.
I have someone I want to introduce to you that I believe will be able to add a new dimension to your business and vice versa. I am asking your permission first to make this “cyber introduction.”

Kelley Black, Founder of Balancing the Executive Life, has changed my life. She has helped me to create a sense of inner balance and reduced stress in a high stress career as a matrimonial lawyer. Not only has my physical pains of TMJ, back and neck, chronic headaches, etc been almost eradicated, but I am also a more efficient and effective lawyer, a better rainmaker, and a better managing partner because of her methodology. My clients have even remarked that I am able to “cut right through it” and get their case resolved quickly and efficiently.
Kelley is, in a sense, a modern day healer. She is not just a yoga and pilates coach; rather, she gives you tools to change the inner workings of your mind.

Kelley is my age (40), and it is easy to relate to her. She used to be an advertising executive, in a high stress career, so she fully understands the high stress work environment. I have been working with her for two years now, and she is a joy both personally and professionally. She has lectured at Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and has appeared on ABC News. Her clients are high level executives, partners of major law firms, Wall Street executives and entertainment executives.

I know Kelley can add to your business by giving workshops at your weekend seminars or being part of firm retreats. Her best method, though, is working one on one with someone like me, a managing partner. By reducing stress in my life, she has made me more open to change and find ways to have a happy and successful career, manage time better, and enable me to work on my business, not in it (this would make you proud, I know!) . As such, she will be a wonderful addition to your method of reducing stress and better firm management

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