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“My work with Kelley at Balancing the Executive empowered me during a radical career change, from the world of finance in New York City to my true passion, pastry and chocolate in Hawaii. This journey has taken many turns, and Kelley has accompanied me every step of the way with her professionalism and compassion. Through our work, I learned to honor and nurture myself and my spirit. I feel spiritually prepared for my new life. I will be forever indebted to Kelley and highly recommend her to anybody who is looking to reach the next level in all areas of their lives.”

– Angelina Mercado

“When a woman rises up in glory, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility contagious.”

– Marianne Williamson, Woman’s Worth

“I left The Divine Feminine workshop empowered with a renewed respect for the female energy and wisdom. It awakened in me that as women, we have an amazing capacity to achieve everything we desire in life without sacrificing ourselves. Lead by two dynamic women who deeply care about other women, Kelley and Sivan nourished us with information, blessings and tools to encourage us to be fully present in the world and in our lives. A wonderful and inspiring evening!”



At Balancing the Executive Life we believe that women are complete vessels of light and the nurturers of the world. Look at any high functioning country and the influence of women can be felt across business sectors and in the home. As a woman, you have the capacity to harness feminine power and connect with the Divine. All women have this potential ready to be ignited. As we harness this unique power within, we not only ensure our success in love, life and leadership, but also everyone connected to us. We ultimately eliminate any fear of power and embrace our highest operating state.

Go Goddess is a practical spirituality and personal development program based in the art and science of Naam Yoga/Universal Kabbalah. Through the vast teachings of this sacred science we give you tools enabling you to realize your full potential as a woman.

Are you ready to experience an elevated consciousness of who you are, why you are here and what gifts are hidden in your challenges? Would you like to understand your unique “star map,” which will reveal to you the unseen energetic influences influencing success in love, health and career? Imagine what is possible once you know how to master time and space through the mathematic code of spirituality? Learn how to expend less energy and achieve your goals by knowing the best time to act or remain still?  Want to cultivate a deeper connection to your soul, spirit and intuition?

 We teach you to live in alignment with your creative force. This is power and whatever is touched by it, hears it, sees it, senses it, and knows it is uplifted. Your creative ability is your most valuable asset and it originates from the Divine. It feeds and revitalizes you at every level (psychic, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and economic).  It is within you not outside you.  Waste no more time looking to the external when what you seek is internal and accessible at all times. This force, also known as Shakti, is the personified feminine creative life force.  It moves the entire universe.

Our six step Go Goddess program helps you to:

  • Get over your fears around love, life and work
  • Protect your time and set healthy boundaries
  • Balance the  “masculine” energy of constant doing with the “feminine” energy of being
  • Stop starving your soul
  • Protect your creative life
  • Connect with your true purpose

Balancing the Executive Life provides GO GODDESS workshops, life-coaching, retreats and personal consultations.

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