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“Kelley gave a great presentation and, there was quite a lot of input and interaction with the attendees. She really listened to everyone’s questions and having worked in a corporate setting she was able to help each of us.”

– Anna Maher, Vice President, Sales and Account Management, LifeCare, Inc.


Creation and change occur in the consciousness. Your day-to-day experience reflects the level of your consciousness.

Scientists and Yogis alike have long recognized the potentially toxic effects of stress on the brain. Stress causes us to be cognitively predisposed to keep doing the same things over and over even when we don’t get the desired outcome. Behaviors become habitual faster in stressed people making it difficult for them to shift back to goal-directed, positive behaviors, through patterns that yield healthier outcomes.

Kelley’s keynote talks are designed to help leaders close the gap between intention and impact.  She provides you with an experiential, interactive, fun, dynamic experience. You will leave her sessions being able to think more efficiently, recalibrate your entire system; tapping into the matrix of potential and possibility.

Each talk helps you expand beyond self-limiting perceptions. Despite external chaos and pressure, you quickly recognize your potentiality and connection to all of life.  Through this quantum shift you are able to be a more effective leader and gain greater fulfillment in every area of daily life.

Read on for specific topics covered:

Pause: Shift Any Outcome in a Minute or Less

  • Learn to stop reacting and start flowing
  • Strategies to slow down enough to find an inspired attitude and action
  • Learn to flow and create positive outcomes for yourself & your organization
  • Raise the bar on energy and engagement

The Mindful, Resilient Leader: Recalibrating Energy & Expanding Neuro-Capacity

  • Understand the art of mastering time and space
  • Strengthen your electro magnetic field to withstand solar storms, negativity and chaos
  • Create flow states and expend less energy ultimately getting more accomplished
  • Learn techniques to flip the switch of neuro-receptors to erase old, self-limiting neuro/hormonal imprinting

Work/Life Alignment – The New Formula for Executive Balance

  • Explore how work and life can integrate and support each other, rather than compete
  • Strategies for adapting your daily timetable to address family needs and professional obligations
  • Learn how to recalibrate work styles, optimal schedules and obligations
  • Leave with simple efficient techniques to reduce stress and overwhelm

The Power of the Word: Creating Powerful Outcomes through Conversation

  • Create a manifestation continuum of perceptions, beliefs, speech, action and outcomes
  • Silencing the inner critic, eliminating judgment and demands
  • Engage and influence through requests vs. demands
  • Understand the relationship between deep listening and influencing results

Quantum Detox: The Art of Eliminating Negativity in Chaotic Times

  • Explore the toxicity of complaining and how it makes it tougher to achieve your goals
  • Learn techniques to “flip the switch” from negativity to a positive mindset
  • Silence the inner critic and shift negative neuro-hormonal imprinting
  • Experience new relatedness skills to remove toxicity from your personal/professional relationships

The Mindful Leader: Eliminating Amygdala Hijack

To book Kelley for your group or conference, email or call her at (917) 586-5554.  Her talks are tailored to the needs of your audience with a focus on giving down-to-earth, practical advice that they can put into practice immediately.