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Executive Coaching New York

Training and Leadership Seminars

The Certified Leadership & Executive Coach Training Program is like no other executive development program. You receive one-on-one coaching from a rigorously trained professional from The Center for Executive Coaching, while also getting ongoing support via tele-classes, an online member area, and written resources. Your coach takes you through a curriculum that focuses on the most pressing issues you face as a leader, while you also learn how to coach others to new levels of performance and bring a “culture of coaching” to your organization.

  • Improve accountability and results in your organization.

  • Develop leaders who take the organization to new levels of performance.

  • Improve communication up, down, and across.

  • Bring out the best in your executive team, managers, and front-line staff.

  • Become a magnet for top talent.

  • Engage and mobilize employees…almost effortlessly.

  • Generate leverage so that you get more done in less time.

  • Set strategic direction to give your organization a competitive edge.

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Executive Coaching New York

Ask Kelley to Speak

Kelley’s keynote talks are designed to help leaders close the gap between intention and impact. She provides you with an experiential, interactive, fun, dynamic experience. You will leave her sessions being able to think more efficiently, recalibrate your entire system; tapping into the matrix of potential and possibility.

Read on for specific topics covered:

  • Pause: Shift Any Outcome in a Minute or Less

  • The Mindful, Resilient Leader: Recalibrating Energy & Expanding Neuro-Capacity

  • Work/Life Alignment – The New Formula for Executive Balance

  • The Power of the Word: Creating Powerful Outcomes through Conversation

  • Quantum Detox: The Art of Eliminating Negativity in Chaotic Times

  • The Mindful Leader: Eliminating Amygdala Hijack

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Executive Coaching New York

GO GODDESS: Personal Development & Practical Spirituality Program

Go Goddess is a practical spirituality and personal development program based in the art and science of Naam Yoga/Universal Kabbalah. Through the vast teachings of this sacred science we give you tools enabling you to realize your full potential as a woman.

Our six step Go Goddess program helps you to:

  • Get over your fears around love, life and work
  • Protect your time and set healthy boundaries
  • Balance the “masculine” energy of constant doing with the “feminine” energy of being
  • Stop starving your soul
  • Protect your creative life
  • Connect with your true purpose
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Executive Coaching New York

Naam Yoga and Meditation for Women

Here are six reasons why Naam Yoga and Meditation matter for women…

  • Move from “fixing” to “creating”

  • Deepening your connection to your intuition

  • Accessing the dynamic connection to your Perineum and Pelvic Floor

  • Deepening your connection to the Divine Feminine and Shakti, the creative force that moves the entire universe

  • Opening the throat chakra to access your authentic voice

  • Mood enhancement and increased energy levels

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