Self-Management and Relatedness

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“Kelley has managed to do what few executive coaches and advisers do: She has fused best practices in management and leadership with a powerful system to help executives win the inner game by being more relaxed, tapping into peak performance, and overcoming overwhelm in chaotic times. Many experts get fluffy when they enter this territory, but not Kelley. She has developed a system that works with executives in some of the largest, most complex, and most dynamic companies in the world. If you want a comprehensive system to better performance and coping with the challenges of your leadership role, Kelley is the best person to contact.”

– Kelley’s proprietary coaching methodology is recommended by Harvard MBA and Center for Executive Coaching Founder, Andrew Neitlich


WomenFear and anxiety create havoc in organizations. Are your employees distracted and averse to getting out of their comfort zones? Overwhelmed and depleted by the rapid change and uncertainty they face? Able to filter and forget what doesn’t matter while focusing on high-level strategic challenges, prioritize tasks and access flow states throughout the day? Benefit from raising the bar on fulfillment, empowering them to consistently produce more than what the job requires?

An increased sense of humanity and trust of self and others, positively impacts your organization’s bottom-line. Ask anyone and they will tell you that they are far more productive when they are happy. Harvard Business School and McKinsey substantiate this fact.  Happy engaged employees resist distractions, tend to forget about time and routinely produce significantly more than the job requires.

Balancing the Executive Life coaching, training and development emphasize the domains of self –management and relatedness. We believe high performance is an “inside” job that balances tough minded decision making and a competitive spirit with traditional feminine traits of collaboration, intuitive decision making and positive framing.  We place a strong emphasis on relationship building through empathy and listening skills.

We recognize the value of traditional female traits to effective management and leadership. Traditional female traits support a depth of strength, organic growth and self-sufficiency within organizations rather than unhealthy competition that raises performance on the top level but leaves the rest of the organization struggling.

The Balancing the Executive Life approach provides managers and leaders with tools and techniques integrating universal principals with proven business practices to raise the bar on employee engagement and personal effectiveness. We help you create a more humane, productive business environment. Our Highest Operating State Leadership framework and methodology provide enhanced partnership and collaboration skills that foster collective engagement and teamwork, especially between departments.

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