Information Overload Recovery

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“From the first meeting I had with Kelley, I noticed a difference. I walked out of her office feeling positive about life, having a plan of attack, thinking bigger, and most importantly.. read more

– Stephen Schwartz, CFP, Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company


Information overload hits senior executives particularly hard because senior executives require uninterrupted time to synthesize information from many different sources, reflect on its implications for the organization, apply judgment, make trade-offs, and arrive at good decisions.

Our Thrive 365© program provides you with recalibration strategies to stop multi-tasking and retain the benefits of connectivity without being distracted.   Imagine what is possible for you and your organization when you fully focus and flow?

Information overload and multitasking affects the productivity of your entire organization.  It slows you down, hampers creativity and makes you anxious and susceptible to amygdala hijacking.

Thrive 365© provides you with a daily strategies and solutions to information overload. You learn to engage at a deeper level, recalibrating business norms to increase the quality of learning and decision-making.

Burn-out prevention occurs when you address information overload. Would you want your companies’ resources to be wasted? What about burning through the mental resources of your high potentials and senior staff?

Information overload starts at the top. Thrive 365© is the platform to help you recalibrate working norms for yourself and your teams. Through team coaching and peer-to-peer support, you quickly lighten the load of information overload.

The benefits you can expect are increased:

  • Productivity – 10 fold increase as reported by our executive coaching clients
  • Morale – 10 fold reduction in negative emotional states as reported by our executive coaching clients
  • Creativity – Signficantly reduction in amygdala hijack episodes/increased emotional intelligence
  • Business Outcomes – 10 fold increase in focus, flow and engagement increasing productivity

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