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“Imagine transporting yourself out of your wild and crazy world and into the calm and quiet universe Kelley Black creates when you work with her. She can transform a room of Type A personalities into people who are relaxed, focused, balanced and connected to each other. What is possible for your business when that occurs is priceless.”

– Debbie Phillips, Executive Coach, Martha’s Vineyard, MA


Most of you already communicate somewhat effectively. You may have received presentation skills training, been coached around knowing your audience, setting goals, structuring logical arguments and getting up in front of an audience. I invite you to pause and consider: Is what you are about to say right now going to benefit the organization and clients?  Do you treat every communication as a critical process? Have you mastered the art of communicating to influence even the most difficult client or colleague? Are you creating your circumstances or limiting your opportunities through the power of your words? Do you communicate mindfully and consciously, especially under pressure?

Great leaders over-communicate and understand the power of the word. Great leaders treat communication as a critical process. At Balancing the Executive Life we invite you to learn the art and science of communicating consciously. Conscious Communication teaches you to harness and unleash the energy of every email sent, word spoken and communications vehicle to create powerful outcomes.

Understand, Practice and Implement or Apply the skills necessary to:

  • Influence through requests rather than demands or intimidation
  • Foster win/win interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaboration
  • Breakout of the past with communication that inspires “in the now” action
  • Close the gap between intention and impact
  • Win over the most difficult clients and colleagues
  • Build empathy, de-escalate conflict and gain buy-in
  • Engage, develop and mobilize your employees
  • Silence the inner critic
  • Program your “internal software” and shift negativity to objectivity
  • Shift reactivity to receptivity enhancing innovation & collaboration

To get started…

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