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“Imagine transporting yourself out of your wild and crazy world and into the calm and quiet universe Kelley Black creates when you work with her. She can transform a room of Type A personalities into people who are relaxed, focused, balanced and connected to each other. What is possible for your business when that occurs is priceless.”

– Debbie Phillips, Executive Coach, Founder, Women on Fire


Due to information overload, unprecedented levels of uncertainty and stress most of us are thinking less efficiently and wearing out our systems. Chronic stress rewires the brain making you cognitively predisposed to amygdala hijack and attention fragmentation. In this state, you keep running a dead-ended rat race rather than adapting your perceptions, beliefs and behaviors to more effective means of doing things.

When you are under stress your mind starts to wander on its own.  It looks into your subconscious and pulls out of it every memory and every fragment of intentions and actions left incomplete in your life.  You begin to live in the past.  You do not act in the present but according to overlays from your past.  When you cannot sense the present and you cannot connect to the future, life becomes very difficult.

The Balancing the Executive Life difference that in addition to having extensive experience in organizations (organizational development specialists, branding experts, etc), having graduated with rigorous coaching certifications (link to about us page) we are also Naam Yogis who understand the science of using NAAM, BREATH WORK AND HAND SYMBOLS to reverse the effects of stress on the brain. Our toolbox of experiential tools and techniques enable you to access many areas of the brain and positively influence the limbic/amygdala/hypothamic areas of the brain.

Through our proprietary Highest Operating State coaching methodology, you learn techniques that facilitate the integration and awakening of different areas of the brain.  You access your capacity to act in a state of flow that produces top performance regardless of the external stressors. In as little as 1-3 minutes you become less susceptible to the negative effects of chronic stress.  With daily repetition of these recalibration tools and techniques, you raise the bar on emotional intelligence, and conceptual clarity. Shift any outcome and create your circumstances rather than be created by your circumstances.

Are you, a colleague, client or direct report experiencing amygdala hijack and attention fragmentation?


Three signs of an amgdyala hijack: strong emotional reaction, sudden onset, and “when you reflect later, you realize it was inappropriate”. The amygdala is the center of the brain that controls this response, and also controls empathy; when it feels threatened, it can respond not just irrationally, but destructively.


Three signs of attention fragmentation are:  the inability to focus, difficulty embracing ambiguity and change as opportunity and trouble leading through to bigger possibilities then what you already know.


We give you the tools and techniques to recalibrate in as little as 1-3 minutes, enabling you to shift any outcome. Using these empirically tested tools you recalibrate to higher levels of emotional intelligence, raising the bar on:

  • Self-awareness – the ability to know one’s emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values and goals and recognize their impact on others while using intuitive intelligence (the ability to learn complex skills and solve problems on a subconscious basis) in combination with rational intelligence
  • Self-regulation – involves controlling or redirecting one’s disruptive emotions and impulses and adapting to changing circumstances
  • Social skill – managing relationships to move people in the desired direction
  • Empathy – considering other people’s feelings especially when making decisions
  • Motivation – being driven to achieve for the sake of achievement

What is possible for your organization when your leaders and their teams are able to focus on what really matters? Discover our high impact process and bring higher levels of emotional and rational intelligence to the challenges you face.

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