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Life Coaching

“Kelley Black, Founder of Balancing the Executive Life, has changed my life. She has helped me to create a sense of inner balance and more – Wendy B. Samuelson, Esq., Samuelson Hause & Samuelson, LLP


What is your inner life revealing to you on the outside?  What needs to be disposed of moved or changed? How can you close the gap between the life you are living and the one you are dreaming of? What internal script do you need to rewrite so that you can stop being the “effect” and start being the “cause” of your circumstances?

Unlike other life coaching programs, Balancing the Executive Life coaches are also levels one – three certified Naam Yoga teachers and Harmonyum practitioners. We understand energy and the laws of nature. Think of future opportunities that are available when…

Video with Holly

Holly Getty, Director, Calvin Klein & Style Consultant – On benefits of Naam Yoga/Universal Kabbalah & Naam Life Coaching

You quickly understand your full potential and how to manifest Light in the world

  • You then minimize friction or energy waste
  • You know the best time to be still and the best time to initiate action
  • You master time and space facilitating success in all aspects of your life
  • You understand the energetic frequency behind your relationships
  • You live in alignment with your soul and move beyond old conditioning that no longer serves you

We teach you how to increase your success ratio in all areas of life, love and work. You quickly learn powerful techniques to address the root cause of self-limiting behaviors, perceptions and beliefs that stand in the way of understanding your highest operating potential. You take control over all aspects of your life.

Ready for a program that facilitates deep revelations, evolution and an honest connection to what really matters to you? Ready to stretch beyond your comfort zone into the most exquisite, empowered life you can imagine?

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