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“Almost nine in 10 CEOs agree that tapping female talent is important to “getting the best brains” and competing in markets where women now make most of the purchasing decisions, the McKinsey study says.”

– (Source: WSJ, May 7, 2012)

Yet, across sectors (government, business, healthcare and academia) organizations are bleeding female talent at an alarming rate. Women land 53% of entry-level jobs and make it to “the belly of the pipeline” in large numbers, McKinsey found. But then, female presence falls off a cliff, to 35% at the director level, 24% among senior vice presidents and 19% in the C-suite.

The demands on women in the 21st century are unprecedented. According to McKinsey, half the women they surveyed in a recent survey are both primary breadwinners and primary caregivers to their families. As a result, women leaders require unique strategies and support to stay in the game.  Otherwise, data shows that many will often avoid going after senior management and c-suite jobs that bring greater pressure.

Are you or a woman you know the primary breadwinner? Juggling a demanding job with family responsibilities that may include aging parents and young children?  Feeling continuously overwhelmed and burnt-out? Lacking sponsors to advocate on her behalf? Experiencing senior leaders who often assume she doesn’t want tough assignments? Needing to recalibrate how she engages the C-suite and her assumptions about how women leaders are “supposed to behave?” Drowning under “should,” “have to” and “if only?”  We can help.

At Balancing the Executive Life we believe that that it is essential that women have the self-management skills, relatedness strategies, executive presence and sponsorship to succeed. It is in your organization’s best interest to help your high potential women excel.  Data shows that the use of female talent is essential to promoting economic growth and competitiveness in the U.S. and worldwide.  And, when you are connected to your feminine essence, you often have a higher emotional quotient making you better able to deal with change, radical change well.

It is time to engage strategies that minimize friction while protecting creative energy so that talented women can thrive.  The Balancing the Executive Life proprietary coaching methodology helps women harness feminine power principles with best practices in management and leadership to ultimately win their inner game and reach their highest operating state – in and out of the office.

By harnessing feminine power principles your high potential women have the support they need to win their inner game, stay engaged and raise the bar on:

  • Managing and developing global teams which requires sensitivity that is not as necessary in localized structures
  • Adaptability and recalibrations skills to shift business assumptions, self-limiting perceptions and behaviors to meet the “chaos” as the new norm in business
  • Approaching cultural diversity as a strength not a hindrance which requires great perception, awareness, appreciation and openness to potential/possibility
  • Attention to a triple bottom line of people, planet and prosperity which requires compassion, humanity, emotional intelligence and spiritual connection beyond oneself.

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