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“If you want a modern brand, the leaders of tomorrow, more and more, realize that having a strong head and a big heart is where you need to be.”

Peter McGuiness, CMO, Chobani Yogurt
Being a Trusted Advisor for select, executive innovators and their teams isn’t what Kelley Black does. It’s who she is. Kelley raises the bar on change management, performance, culture creation and innovation, and by doing this, she inspires people to dream bigger, and think more comprehensively. To manifest more fully. Her unique capacity to understand the differences between how feminine and masculine energies intersect allows her to bring everyone together to create optimum, collaborative strategies in all walks of life.

“Kelley Black helps take you to the Fourth Dimension.”

Jeffrey Benton, CEO, Link Strategy Group

An underlying foundation of her work is Kelley’s unparalleled commitment to bring a level of heart-centered consciousness into both the workplace and daily life. Her “Heart of Innovation” presentation at the prestigious Business Innovation Factory Conference in 2016 had innovators from all over the United States lining up to speak with her.

“Kelley makes everyone in an audience feel that she’s talking to them one-on-one — electrifying.”

Christopher Meyer, Founder, Nerve

Alongside Kelley’s strategic thinking and goal setting is her particular way that she brings humanity into the workplace. This inspires her clients to be more effective leaders who are motivated to make dynamic impacts beyond themselves, while simultaneously achieving their sustainable business and personal objectives. A global business leader admires Kelley’s inclusive approach because she ignites people’s courage to “color outside the lines.”

“Kelley is connected to bigger things beyond just the P+L.”

Kristy Caylor, Founder, Maiyet and For Days

Le Petit Prince

Kelley Black helps her clients crack “The Code of Themselves.” She provides the means for them to make sense of the context of where they have been; a critical component in their ability to design the roadmap for where they want to go. This power gives them an unshakeable belief in their own potential, as well as in their ability to operate at a higher state of consciousness. And, to define success on their own terms. This all-encompassing approach engenders deep benefits and value not only for companies and their leaders, but for employees, communities, organizations and stakeholders as well, creating a ripple effect throughout each aspect of her client’s lives.

“I am mesmerized by her ability to unleash people’s potential. She uses data and has an ease that helps people take risks.”

Maria Elena Del Valle, Organizational Change Consultant, PHI

Kelley Black

Each person with whom Kelley Black works uniformly speaks of her extraordinary talent in connecting people with their most authentic selves, dreams and intentions, providing the foundation for them to unleash their potential and achieve their goals. She embodies a profoundly feminine power and is masterful at helping people navigate the softs skills that make or break them in life and work. As a Formidable Advisor and Deeply Empathic Soul, Kelley operates from a place of both Truth and Grace. She is Fearless and Humble. Fierce and Unconditional. Graceful and Tough. Challenging and Non-Judgmental.

“Kelley Black ignites people who lead people.“

Regina Martinez-Estela, Chief Operating Officer, Independence Care System, Inc.


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