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Kelley Black

Transformation Catalyst, Trusted Advisor & Strategic Thought Partner

Kelley Black is a New York-based Advisor, Strategist, and Performance Enhancer and Executive/Life Coach for select, executive innovators and their teams. Her extensive experience in business, branding, communications and life provides her clients with the substance that is the foundation of her wisdom. Kelley is committed to bringing a heart-centered consciousness to her clients. Her “Heart of Innovation” presentation at Business Innovation Factory (BIF) in 2016 had innovators lining up to speak with her. Kelley raises the bar on change management, performance, culture creation and innovation. Back in 2002, Kelley shook up the business world by incorporating metaphysics into her coaching methodology. She also understands the differences between how feminine and masculine energies intersect helping bridge the gender divide to create optimum, collaborative strategies. Kelley Black helps people make change their ally and takes them to the 4th dimension.

Consulting Services

We are recognized worldwide for bringing Universal energetic laws into practical applications, helping clients unlock and achieve their goals. Our powerful system fuses best practices in leadership, communications and energy management to raise the bar on performance, culture creation and innovation. We set the standard for winning the inner game by being more relaxed, tapping into peak performance, and eliminating overwhelm.

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Client Feedback

Balancing the Executive Life thanks our Clients for the opportunity to collaborate for greater fulfillment, happiness, creativity and productivity at work. Learn more about how we can support your leaders, teams and high potential women.

“This year could have been one simply of difficulty and upheaval for me, but, instead, it has been one of growth and exploration. Your guidance this year through meditation and Naam Coaching has been incredible. Thank you so very, very, very much. You helped me open my eyes and my mind and, boy, it has transformed my life.”

Stephen Herskovitz

President, Hammond Hill, A Marketing Lab

“Kelley is successful in her work because she is extremely knowledgeable, personable and easy to work with. She is motivated by a desire to support others in their professional development as well as assist them in strengthening their executive level skills in service of the organization with which she is working. She also possesses strong analytical skills that enable her to develop and implement solutions to complex organizational problems.”

Regina Estela

Chief Operating Officer, Independence Care Systems

“Kelley Black, Founder of Balancing the Executive Life™, has changed my life. She has helped me to create a sense of inner balance and reduced stress in a high stress career as a matrimonial lawyer. Not only has my physical pain of TMJ*, back and neck, chronic headaches, etc. been almost eradicated, but I am also a more efficient and effective lawyer, a better rainmaker, and a better managing partner because of her methodology. My clients have even remarked that I am able to “cut right through it” and get their case resolved quickly and efficiently.”

Wendy B. Samuelson, Esq.

Samuelson Hause & Samuelson, LLP

“Imagine transporting yourself out of your wild and crazy world and into the calm and quiet universe Kelley Black creates when you work with her. She can transform a room of Type A personalities into people who are relaxed, focused, balanced and connected to each other. What is possible for your business when that occurs is priceless.”

Debbie Phillips

Executive Coach, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

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